white privacy fence texas

Who Remembers The Old Picket Fence?

Ah! The old picket fence. This is something you may only have picked up from your old story books. Or these days, from your glossy magazines. Then again, who reads magazines these days? They’re quite pricy these days. So, there you go, you may have glossed over those old picket fences while online, as most folks like you seem to be these days. But no worries, what a great show! The pics are as clear as daylight.

It is as though you were really there. And it’s just like in the dream you may have been having the other day. For Heaven’s sake; who doesn’t dream of having that old picket fence, that white, whitewashed one. A white privacy fence texas enterprise is now making that dream come true. And it is also a realistic one. Because it’s sustainable, you see. Wood is nice but it’s becoming so old-fashioned.

white privacy fence texas

You see, wood is still so desirable, but it takes forever to clean up and fix. And then there’s the bugs. Every house in town seems to have them, can’t get rid of the critters. Now, thing is, termites can’t chew through this lot. It’s fiber, you see. Fiber as you may know it, is good for you. And it’s probably also good for them too. But not this fiber. And if they had any teeth, they still wouldn’t be able to chew through it. And to them it’s; yuck!

And that’s the thing; termites do have teeth. And it’s no wonder that the wood never lasts. But not fiber, or fiberglass even. And then there’s also vinyl. These are weather beating materials too. Just gloss them over with a good white lacquer and it’s just like the old white picket fence you were dreaming about.