restoration of thatched roofing

Risk & Reward Of Having Thatched Roof

restoration of thatched roofing

As a regular internet consumer, you would have seen the blurb numerous times already. Roofing companies can never stop reminding online customers just how important the roof is. You see it often enough; the roof is the most important structure of the house. Fair enough, you are already well aware of that. But some readers wish to go a little further. The restoration of thatched roofing, if the work is required, is a lot more complex than, say, repairing concrete or stone roof tiles.

Perhaps you do not have a thatched roof, but the thought has crossed your mind. You have seen how decorative it is. It does add a lovely country style flair to the entire house. But stationed smack back in the middle of a typically congested suburban environment, you may wish to reconsider this type of installation. It could cost you, in more ways than one, if the work is not done properly. As there is much to be gained from a thatched roof installation, there are those risks too.

The risk is higher than that for a standard roofing installation. Most insurance companies will not necessarily advise against such an installation but they will be required to load the insured’s house-owner’s premium. It is designed to cover the risk. Having a thatched roof carries a huge fire risk. But provided you are prepared to carry the expense of the specialist work required, you could be adding immense value to your property due to the aesthetic appeal that will be created through the appearance of a thatched roof.

Most modern construction projects have already forgotten about the thatched roof but however rare it may be, there are still a few old houses sitting with a thatched roof.

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